The Fully Automated Business (FAB) Code

We are building the next generation of enterprise software, that can create and reprogram itself to fit the business needs and react autonomously on business requirement changes.

Using Machine Learning and AI, we are creating software that can understand the world, foster the internet semantically, creating its own notion of the business world, not only based on deep learning, but also on logical rules that we always use as software developers to write our code or as consultants to design data and business models. It's about analyzing data and creating the most suitable user interfaces for business models. It's about learning from the failures of other systems and not start everything from the scratch.

Is it impossible? No, we don't think so. Yes, it's very complicated, but we believe that this is the only way to bring enterprise software development to a new level!

It's not magic. It's not Low Code. It's FabCode®.